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Our Therapist
Eric C. Dekle, PT

After graduating from the University of South Alabama School of Physical Therapy in 1994, Eric has worked and specialized in numerous areas of PT such as geriatrics, wound care, neurological and orthopedic conditions. Over the past 15 years, vestibular and balance rehabilitation has become his passion and was the driving force behind the opening of the Center For Balance and Rehabilitation. Most recently, Eric has become a Certified Dry Needling Provider and has provided a non-medicinal method of pain relief to his patients. It is a cutting edge treatment method that has brought tremendous benefits to chronic pain patients, sports injury recovery and acute pain sufferers.

Our Practice


The Center For Balance and Rehabilitation is a full spectrum, state-of-the-art Physical Therapy treatment facility designed to treat patients with vestibular or balance disorders, general orthopedics, chronic pain and neurological conditions. Conditions such as Vertigo, Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease have profound effects on a patient's balance and safety in their home and in the community. These effects can be minimized and even eliminated with the proper care and attention to detail when designing an individualized plan of care.


Other conditions, such as post-operative joint replacement, chronic pain, neck and low back pain, work related injuries, motor vehicle accidents (whiplash, traumatic injury), and generalized weakness and deconditioning are successfully treated at the Center For Balance and Rehabilitation giving the patient the confidence and ability to return to their prior level of function in the community.


Patient Testimonials:


"I have lupus SLE, fibromyalgia, and genetic degenerative arthritis. I have worked with Eric and his staff for 8 weeks. I am now walking without a cane and exercising daily. They helped me learn how to improve my balance and manage my chronic pain and fatigue. They are very professional and totally patient-centered."

                                   Crissy L.


"Been going to CBR for awhile now. Eric Dekle and his staff are absolutely wonderful. They are caring and compassionate. I had been in pain management for several years, and, with help of PT, my back pain was greatly controlled without using narcotic pain meds."

                                      Pam W.


"A group of nice this place. Caring group!"

                                       Rabiatu J.


"Great place and staff. Top notch."

                                       Emilie B


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